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Major Reports/Publications Policy Documents
Updated on 09 Jan, 2020

A) Reports

Long term polices
1. Vision document of the University
2. Expenditure Finance Committee Memorandum (EFC) and Detailed Project Report (DPR) for the schemes proposed in the 10, 11 and 12 Five Year plans
3. IPR policy of the University (2015)

Short Term Policies
1. Annual work plan

Monitoring and Review of Plans and Polices
1. Prof. R.V.R. Chandsekhara Rao Review Committee Report (1998)
2. Prof. M.V. Pylee Review Committee Report (1991)
3. Annual outcome budget
4. Bi-annual reports on achievement of physical and financial targets proposed in Annual and Five Year Plan
5. Mid-term appraisal of the schemes proposed in the five year plan
6. Annual Reports of the University
7. Manpower and Workload Analysis Report (1998)

Reports on implementation and procedures

1. Procedures of designing of academic programmes
2. Guidelines for Sharing of IGNOU study materials with SOUs and CCIs. (under Review)
3. Project Management Handbook 2004
4. Programme/Course Codes and Colour Codes Scheme for printed Instructional materials.

Feedback and Need Assessment Reports
Need Assessment and Impact studies of academic programmes in different disciplines