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Associate Studentship
Updated on 04 Feb, 2020

The University has a scheme of ‘Associate Studentship’ which provides for a candidate who fulfils the minimum eligibility requirements for the programme under which the course(s) is/are offered, to register for only one course or a limited number of courses, subject to a minimum of 8 credits and maximum of 32 credits. An Associate Student is attached to a Study Centre for counselling, assignment evaluation, library facility, etc. The application form provided at the end of the Common Prospectus 2019 (available at ignou website at www.ignou.ac.in ), at Annexure VIII can be used for registration. A fee of Rs.1150/- per 8 credit course, or part thereof, is charged for admission to course(s) under BSW programme. The fee is irrespective of whether the course is of 2 credits, 4 credits, 6 credits or 8 credits. For rest of the programmes, the fee will be charged on pro-rata basis, i.e. by dividing the programme fee by the number of credits of the programme = fee for 1 credit, multiplied by the credit assigned to the specific course (rounded off to the next fifty rupees.). The Scheme of Associate Studentship will NOT be available in case of CBCS based Bachelor Degree Programmes.

The minimum and maximum period allowed to Associate students for completion of their course(s) would be six months and two years, respectively. There will be no separate counselling or lab work schedule for the associate students. They will have to be in touch with the Study Centre concerned in order to know the schedule and participate in the sessions accordingly. Minimum period of six months would be allowed, if the courses opted by the students are up to 16 credits. If the opted courses exceed 16 credits, the minimum period would be one year.

Associate Students would be permitted to seek admission in any of the admission cycles and to opt the courses that are on offer either in January or July cycles. However, no counselling and/or lab/practicals would be conducted separately for the Associate students. The facility of theory/practical counselling shall be provided at the allotted study centre along with other students registered for the same course(s).

If an Associate student opts for more than 16 credits worth of courses in either of the admission cycles, he/she is not entitled to seek admission in the next consecutive cycle unless the prescribed minimum duration is completed. Associate Students are not eligible to seek admission to the courses under the Programmes where the number of seats are limited and/or the admission is done through Entrance Test.

Associate Students are not eligible for the award of any kind of ‘Certificate/Diploma/Degree’. They are also not eligible for continuation of study by way of re-registration for 2nd and/or 3rd year, as the case may be.

‘COURSE COMPLETION STATUS’ Card only will be issued to Associate Students.

Change of course is not permitted under this scheme. Similarly, re-admission facility is not extended to Associate Students. Separate Enrolment No., i.e. ‘AS - - - - - - -’ would be allotted to such students. The filled in forms of ‘Associate Studentship’ are to be sent to the Regional Director concerned. Forms received by any Office other than the Regional Centre concerned would be summarily rejected.(For details refer the latest IGNOU Common Prospectus available on the website at www.ignou.ac.in)