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Updated on 20 Jun, 2019

The structure of Inter University Consortium (IUC) is on the lines of Pan-African e-Network and the existing consortia of UGC, AIU etc. All the Open Universities in the country can be the founding members.
Conventional universities, NGOs, corporate organisations etc., involved in the development of Education and Training, can also be invited for collaboration and partnership.
IUC shall have a Governing Council and will be assisted by:
  •  Academic Board/Committee
  •  Technical Advisory Committee
  • Research & Development Committee
  •  Finance Committee
  •  Evaluation Committee


  • Provide lead in the transformation of the conventional distance learning to modern
  • ICT-enabled, multimedia based, online learning.
The IUC will undertake all types of collaborative activities involving Open Distance Learning (ODL), e-learning & new knowledge creation. Thus the objectives of IUC are :
  •  To promote technology enabled education & training for the overall development of the country.
  • To promote the existing ODL programmes through flexible, interactive formats enhanced through Information & Communication Technologies (ICTs).
  •  To create new e-content and on-line programmes in a wide range of formats to enable the different types of learners to master need based learning objects.
  • To facilitate convergence and sharing of knowledge through judicious mix of media and technology.
  • To undertake research and development related to social, educational and economic development through ODL technology enabled programmes.  
  •  To stimulate further thinking on development of education and employment of people with disabilities, educationally backward and weaker sections in general.
  • To pool talents available in different segments of society such as open universities, conventional universities NGOs and others.  
  •  To translate instructional material available in one language into other languages in collaboration with State Open Universities with appropriate technology.  
  •  To adopt wherever possible, a few villages/ taluks/ districts for all round development through different schemes such as IRD, PURA etc, using ODL-ICT methods.