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IMM-Rich Mobile Apps
Updated on 14 Jan, 2019

  • Interactive Multimedia Rich Mobile Learning Applications

    New and innovative information and communication tools have created a revolution in the delivery mechanism of the educational system in particular the distance education system globally. A survey was conducted by us to understand the learners preferences and choices for using mobile as a learning tool. On the basis of the survey conducted and in pace with the latest pedagogic and technologic developments in mobile learning at NICDE we have designed the following educational applications for the learners.
  • Prototype Development of Mobilets - A new initiative towards mobile enabled learning

    Mobilet consists of tailor-made useful and important concepts and theories related to a topic explained in a simple way using rich media resources like animations, sounds, images, videos etc. which makes learning on mobile devices interesting. It also includes Scenario based Mobi-learning. This component of the mobilet, gives a situation to the learner outlined in the form of a scenario which the leaner go through on their mobile devices. Every mobilet also includes quizzes to evaluate the learners.
  • Development of interactive-chartbook for Mobile users

    Close to 50 per cent of newborn deaths in India occur during the first seven days of birth. Many young lives are lost due to parents failing to recognise warning signs and sick children not being taken to health facilities on time. Ministry of Health & Family Welfare Government of India in collaboration with WHO Department of Child and Adolescent Health and Development (CAH) under the IMNCI training has developed guidelines for doctors and health workers in the form of chart books to addresses such issues. With the increase in usage of mobile devices, which is more than use of computer and internet, an interactive chartbook for Mobile prototype of accessing chart books on the mobile phones has been developed for the doctors and health workers.
  • Prototype development of mobile enabled collaborative learning environment

    The Mobile enabled collaborative learning environment is integrating with the online learning system developed by us for learners who need to access through mobile internet their course content, or collaborate with their peers through asynchronous mode in the form of discussion boards and synchronously through chat forums any time anywhere . They can also access quiz and evaluate themselves on handheld devices. The mobile enabled collaborative learning environment basically includes User login, Course navigation, Multi Language support. Activities in a course can be mobile enabled by the course creator so that they are available to be used on students’ mobile phones.
  • Interactive Multimedia Rich mobile package on IMNCI doctors for android, windows and other flash supported Tablets

    The availability of user friendly, cost-effective tablets for learners has opened a plethora of opportunities for us to design learning opportunities for mobile devices like palmtops and tablets. We have customized an innovative mechanism to distribute interactive multimedia rich packages on android, windows and other flash supported tablets.