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Vision & Mission
Updated on 17 Nov, 2010


IGNOU, the National Resource Centre for Open and Distance Learning (ODL), with international recognition and presence, shall provide seamless access to sustainable and learner-centric quality education, skill upgradation and training to all by using innovative technologies and methodologies and ensuring convergence of existing systems for massive human resource required for promoting integrated national development and global understanding.


To advance frontiers of knowledge and promote its dissemination through sustainable Open and Distance Learning systems, seamlessly accessible to all, including those hitherto unreached, from among whom the leaders and innovators of tomorrow will emerge, the University shall:

  • Strengthen the development of the National Resource Centre as a proactive role model for high-quality and learner-centric Open and Distance Learning system;
  • Share professional capabilities and resources to improve standards of distance education in the country;
  • Periodically assess and accredit institutions of Open and Distance Learning to promote centres of excellence in the country;
  • Develop networks, using emerging technologies and methods, with global reach for effective programme delivery;
  • Provide an intelligent and flexible system of education to meet the challenges of access and equity, and work towards development of a knowledge society;
  • Forge convergence of all systems and work for seamless education across national boundaries to develop global collaboration and partnership;
  • Take education to the hitherto unreached and promote community participation for local development through life-coping skills;
  • Provide specific need-based education and training opportunities for continuous professional development and skill upgradation to in-service professionals; and
  • Strive towards continuous development of methods and strategies for research and development for generation of knowledge in frontier areas, including Open and Distance Learning.
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