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Updated on 18 Apr, 2018

The School of Inter-disciplinary and Trans-disciplinary Studies (SOITS) was established in 2007, with the aim of developing academic programmes and promoting research in areas of contemporary relevance which could not be captured within a single disciplinary framework and therefore merited an interdisciplinary and Transdisciplinary treatment. Accordingly, the School:
      Provides an enabling space to foster interdisciplinary    academic studies and research drawing upon theoretical, empirical and methodological resources cutting across disciplinary boundaries.
      Promotes interactive and academic collaborations amongst scholars of diverse specialisations
The school plans its activities around prioritised ‘areas’ of study from time to time. This is specially to maintain the inter and trans-disciplinary character of the school.  As per the Vision and Mission Statement of the School, the following are the current priority areas of the School:
·         Labour Studies
·         Diaspora Studies
·        Diversity and Inclusivity Studies
·         Marginalised Communities and Communities at Risk
·         Sustainability Studies and Food Security
·         Environmental Studies