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Talk on Overcoming Depression: The Common Cold of Modern Life Organized by the Discipline of Psychology, SOSS, IGNOU

07 October, 2016

The Discipline of Psychology organized a Talk on 7.10.16 on the occasion of World Mental Health Day which is observed on 10th October every year. Dr. Jayanti Dutta, reknowned Consultant Clinical Psychologist gave a Talk on “Overcoming Depression: The Common Cold of Modern Life”. Dr. Dutta is anaccomplished academician, expert and visiting Faculty in various Universities, and Institutions including police, CBI etc. She is also an award winning activist and worked on juvenile delinquency in India. Dr. Dutta is widely quoted in National media related to various psychosocial issues.

Anchoring the Talk, Dr. Swati Patra, Associate Professor of Psychology of IGNOU informed that the WHO celebrates 10th October every year as the World Mental Health Day with an aim to spread awareness and understanding of mental health and promotion of mental health. Every year the Mental Health Day has a theme and this year the theme is Psychological First Aid (PFA). She said that PFA refers to the basic psychological support provided to people in distress. Since so many people are suffering from depression in the modern day life today, psychological first aid is very crucial.
Dr. Jayanti Dutta spoke about depression being very common and the symptoms of depression are also so common that we really need to take note of and be alert to these signs, and seek professional help immediately. She said that even the new born babies also can face depression if they are deprived from the basic warmth and touch of the mother. She also spoke about the different types of depression. She talked about relationship between depression and the brain and hormones. Keeping in mind the increasing trend of depression among the youngsters, Dr. Dutta highlighted the need of parents to be more aware of their children with regard to changes in their daily routine, moods and behavior. Talking about treatment for depression, she said that the most prominent treatment is the cognitive behavior therapy, and medication is given only when there is a real need for it.
She also highlighted that depression can be treated and people should seek professional help instead of going for other methods. The stigma and discrimination associated with this should be removed.
The Talk was attended by the students of Psychology and the Staff and Faculty from various Disciplines of IGNOU. The Talk was followed by an interactive session. Dr. Swati Patra concluded by pointing that depression has become a major public health challenge today and the psychological first aid, which is the theme of the World Mental Health Day this year, can be a first step in reaching out to people with depression.

10 May, 2018