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There have been tremendous developments in information and communication technologies the world over that have facilitated exchange of views, innovations and individual/institutional works in forms that can communicate faster than before.

On the other hand, there are equal developments in theorisation, innovations, reforms and research in the fields of open, distance, flexible and lifelong learning in both the developed and the developing worlds. These are taking place within distance teaching and open education institutions as well as the formal mainstream systems.

Global E-Journal for Open, Flexible and Distance Education (GEJOFEDE) aims at providing a forum for exchange, between the developed and the developing worlds, of ideas, innovations, research outcomes, best practices, developments in print and non-print resource materials, and information on national/ regional/ international seminars/ workshops/ conferences in areas of open, distance, flexible, lifelong and e-learning at all levels of education.

The focus is largely on, but not restricted to, planning and management, innovations and change, and research and development in these fields.This internationally referred, contributed and abstracted journal is available mainly in electronic form. However, it is also available in paperback print form for those who would like to read it that way.

GEJOFEDE has four sections: conceptual and research papers, cases and innovations, print and software review, conferences and events. It is guided by an international advisory board, and is edited by a group of professionals from the field. It is published in February, June and October every year by the Society for Advancement of Flexible & Distance Education & Development (SAFED) (a not-for-profit society), Bhopal.

For details, please visit: http://www.ignou.ac.in/e-journal/images.htm