25 July, 2016
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Updated on 05 May, 2015
<a href=/ignou/aboutignou/profile/2>Profile</a> Profile
The vision behind IGNOU, its thrust areas, its  pedagogy and major milestones since 1985
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<a href=/ignou/aboutignou/authority/member/detail/4/Mr_Pranab_Mukherjee-4543>Authorities</a> Authorities
At the helm of the University: The Visitor, the Vice-Chancellor, the Pro-VCs, Boards and Councils
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<a href=/ignou/aboutignou/school>Schools</a> Schools
Details of the 21 Schools, divided along broad subject streams, with their programmes and activities
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<a href=/ignou/aboutignou/division>Divisions</a> Divisions
The enabling departments: Adminis-tration, Computer, Material Production, Evaluation and others
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<a href=/ignou/aboutignou/icc>Institutes/Centres/Cells/Units</a> Institutes/Centres/Cells/Units
Centres dedicated to enhancing knowledge, skills and research base in specific domains 
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<a href=/ignou/aboutignou/regional/about>Regional Centres</a> Regional Centres
Details of Regional Centres indicating country-wide reach  
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<a href=http://www.ignou.ac.in/ignou/aboutignou/division/ldd/introduction>Library</a> Library
Access to books, journals, periodicals and other related material of IGNOU in e-version
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<a href=http://www.ignou.ac.in/ignou/aboutignou/regional/website>Study Centres</a> Study Centres
All the study centres of IGNOU, listed along with the details of the programmes available
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<a href=http://ignou.ac.in/userfiles/Current%20Operational%20PIs%20updated%20on%209_1_15(1).pdf>Partners</a> Partners
Tie-ups with domestic and international education providers and ICT players for a wider reach  
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<a href=/ignou/aboutignou/project/2>Projects</a> Projects
Initiatives by Schools, Centres and Cells, aimed at knowledge creation, enhancement and dissemination
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<a href=/ignou/aboutignou/chair>Chairs</a> Chairs
BR Ambedkar Chair, Bahadur Shah Zafar Chair, MHRD Rajiv Gandhi Chair and other seats of knowledge  
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<a href=/ignou/aboutignou/broadcast/1>Broadcast</a> Broadcast
A bouquet of satellite-based TV channel devoted to educational and developmental needs of the society
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<a href=http://www.ignou.ac.in/ignou/bulletinboard/advertisements/latest/jobs>Jobs/ Tenders of IGNOU</a> Jobs/ Tenders of IGNOU
Candidates searching for jobs in IGNOU and Tenders may click here.
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<a href=http://ignousmsalerts.blogspot.com>Blog on SMS Alerts Services</a> Blog on SMS Alerts Services
 Find out latest informations about IGNOU on this blog
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