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Updated on 07 Jun, 2023


The National Centre for Innovations in Distance Education (NCIDE) was established in December 2005. It is a facility for promoting, supporting, re-engineering and disseminating innovations in Open and Distance Learning (ODL) system. The NCIDE is a ground for nurturing bright and inquisitive minds whose ideas and explorations are expected to develop the ODL system to suit the needs of Gennext. The Centre's goal is to develop a culture of continued search for new and innovative solutions to offer seamless education for all, achieve cost efficiency in its operations and provide borderless access to quality education and training.
The NCIDE has been successfully developing several cost effective, ICT-based, innovative learning and support solutions for the IGNOU learners. The Centre continuously explores the areas of innovations and takes up research studies in the broad areas of quality indicators, quality assurance mechanisms and benchmarking. The NCIDE is also actively involved in documentation and dissemination of various innovations in the ODL system to facilitate easy reference by the stakeholders. The centre is also involved in encouraging creativity and innovation in the ODL system as well as in the capacity building of teachers and learners.
Objectives of NCIDE

The basic objectives of NCIDE include:

  • Providing intellectual, financial and technological support to stakeholders for the growth and development of the ODL system.
  • Encouraging innovations in Distance Education (DE) through collaborations within the University and other institutions in India and abroad for re-engineering and sustaining the open and distance learning.
  • Promoting and developing innovative learning solutions through emerging technologies and working as resource centre for prototype development of innovative solutions.
  • Conducting research studies for exploring the areas of innovation in the ODL system and to suggest workable solutions, thus, providing research based framework and guidelines for standardization and total quality management of all facets of ODL.
  • Documentation and dissemination of the innovations and best practices in Distance Education.
  • Capacity building of the ODL functionaries for innovations in DE and creating an environment for innovations.
  • Developing a network of innovative individuals, institutions and industry dedicated to R&D in the ODL system.
  • Development of innovative programmes, guidelines, mechanism and modalities for convergence of different systems of education for seamless access.

Policy Documents of NCIDE
Initially, NCIDE was visualized, proposed and approved in the 10th Five Year Plan. A copy of the same highlighting the mandate of NCIDE is attached herewith. For more information click here

Later on the mission, vision and objective, etc. of NCIDE were approved by the 35th Academic Council of the University which was approved by the 87th Board of Management (BOM) of the University in its meeting June 22, 2006. A copy of the document is attached herewith. For more information click here

Thrust Areas
To meet the objectives of the NCIDE seven thrust areas have been identified in which NCIDE is actively working. The thrust areas are Development of Innovative Learning Solutions, Development of Innovative Support Solutions, Research and Benchmarking for Quality Management, Documentation and Dissemination, Capacity Development, Collaboration and Networking, and Incubation and Nurturing Innovations. For more information click here

Ecosystem of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at IGNOU
In order to promote, support and nurture the innovation and startup in the university, the NCIDE has created an ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship in the university. For more information click here

IGNOU’s Innovation and Startup Policy
IGNOU has formulated the Innovation and Startup Policy (IISP), which is aligned with the National Innovation and Startup Policy. Click here to access the IISP

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