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Learning Resources on Innovations
Updated on 01 Dec, 2022

Besides documentation and publications of the Books and Reports on innovation and related aspects, NCIDE faculty has been developing other resource material on innovation and creativity for the benefit of the faculty and students web want to enhance their knowledge about the innovation and related concept. Keeping it in view, NCIDE faculty has been writing articles and papers from time to time which are published in different Magazine, Books and Newsletters, etc. Some of such articles on innovation brought out by the faculty and other experts are listed below :

  1. Innovation – A Way of Life
  2. What is Innovation
  3. Open Innovations
  4. Open Innovation – The Innovation Model of the 21st Century
  5. Open Innovation through Crowdsourcing
  6. Taxi Ride Sharing – Is it not a Example of Disruptive Innovation
  7. Need for a National Creativity and Innovation Drive
  8. Setting up of Innovation Clubs
  9. The Start Ups – Innovative Solutions to Reduce the Gap between Jobs and Jobs Seekers
  10. IDEABANK@IGNOU – Launched on the Occasion of World Creativity and Innovation Day
  11. Attribute Listing – A Creativity Technique
  12. Nature Inspired Innovations
  13. Innovation – The Emerging Perspective
  14. Moving from JUGAAD Systemize Innovation
  15. Nurturing Innovations in Open and Distance Learning System
  16. Innovation, Ethics and Productivity – The Challenges Ahead
  17. Creativity and You
  18. Innovations in Education of Marginalized Children
  19. Saving Grains from Rats in Tribal Areas
  20. Mudra – An Innovative Device Helping Deaf-Mute People to Talk
  21. Pursuit of Innovation in Vedic Studies
  22. Band Aid – An Innovation Evolved from a Love Story
  23. Futsal – An Innovative Format of Football
  24. Farmer Friendly Biogas Compressor
  25. Hon’ble Former President of India, Bharat Ratna Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam : A Tribute to a Great Innovator of Our Times
  26. Exploring a Scientist in Ourselves
  27. Inclusive Education of Marginalized Children
  28. Educating the Girl Child
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[Updated on 06-Dec-2022]