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Patent Facilitation Unit
Updated on 25 May, 2024

As per the direction of the MoE’s Innovation Cell, with the approval of the Competent Authority, IGNOU has set up a Patent Facilitation Unit to ensure awareness of Intellectual Property Rights and patent protection of innovative ideas and initiatives. The Patent Facilitation Unit at IGNOU is aimed at guiding and supporting the IGNOU students in IPR and patent filing process and making them aware of the importance of patents in the field of innovation and startup and various related aspects.


The main objectives of the “Patent Facilitation Unit” at IGNOU are to:
●       Create an awareness and understanding relating to IPR, especially patents, the registration process for filing patents, and IPR protection among the University student innovators and faculty members.
●       Facilitate IP Protection of innovations emanating from the University.
●       Provide legal, technical, and financial assistance to the innovators for protecting their IP.
●       Encourage faculty members and scholars to go for patentable works.
●       Facilitate students and faculty in filing and conducting searches of related IPR.
●       Disseminate knowledge on patents, the patent regime in India and abroad, and also the patent filing processes through workshops, seminars, and training programmes on IPR.
●       Work out modalities on behalf of the university for the commercialization of patented technologies.
●       Take suitable measures for the protection of ideas, technological innovation, and knowledge-driven business strategies developed by the students and faculty for their commercialization and effective utilization of IPR tools.
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[Updated on 19-Jun-2024]