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Institution's Innovation Council (IIC)
Updated on 30 Dec, 2022

The Ministry of Education (MoE, erstwhile MHRD) had established the MHRD’s Innovation Cell (MIC) to systematically foster the culture of innovation within all Higher Education Institutes. The primary mandate of MIC is to encourage, inspire and nurture young students by supporting them to work on new ideas. The MIC has envisioned the creation of the Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC) across select Higher Education Institutes. A network of the IICs will be established to systematically promote innovation in the institutions.
The IIC at IGNOU was established on October 15, 2018 and reconstituted it as IIC 2.0 in October 2019. On 29th October 2020, the IIC 2.0 was reconstituted at IIC 3.0. The term of the Council shall be for a period of one year from the date of issuance of the Notification.
The Council has 47 members with Dr. Oum Prakash Sharma, Director, NCIDE as the President and Dr. Moumita Das, Assistant Director, NCIDE as the Convener. There are seven IGNOU Faculty members as coordinators of various activities and ten Faculty members from various Schools, Divisions and Regional Centres. There are eight external experts as members, who are from an incubation centre, lead investor, industry and IPR. There are five coordinator students and fifteen student members of IGNOU.
The Hon’ble Vice Chancellor is pleased to constitute the IGNOU Institution’s Innovation Council 3.0 as per the MIC guidelines as follows:
Faculty Representation
Senior Faculty Member
Dr. Oum Prakash Sharma, NCIDE
Faculty Member
Dr. Moumita Das, NCIDE
Faculty Member
Innovation Activity Coordinator
Dr. Sujata Santosh, NCIDE
Faculty Member
Start-up Activity Coordinator
Dr. Jyotsna Dikshit, NCIDE
Faculty Member
Internship Coordinator
Dr. Anupriya Pandey, SOMS
Faculty Member
IPR Activity Coordinator
Prof. Shubha M. Gokhale, SOS
Faculty Member
Social Media Coordinator
Dr. Sunil Kumar Das, EMPC
Faculty Member
ARIIA Coordinator
Prof. Shachi Shah, SOITS
Faculty Member
NIRF Coordinator
Dr. S. K. Pulist, SRD
Faculty Member
1.        Dr. M. Shanmugham, RSD
2.        Prof. Nehal A. Farooquee, SOEDS
3.        Dr. Bharat Bhushan, SSC
4.        Dr. U. C. Pandey, RD, Bhopal
5.        Dr. S. Radha, RD, Bangalore
6.        Dr. Abhilash Nayak, RD Patna
7.        Dr. Subodh Kesharwani, SOMS
8.        Dr. M. P. Mishra, SOCIS
9.        Dr. P. Vijaya Kumar, SOA
10.     Dr. Tahir Siddiqui, SOPVA
Expert Representation
IP Expert/Patent Expert
Dr. Kishan Singh Kardam
Senior Joint Controller of Patents and Designs Patent Office Delhi and International Searching Authority and International Preliminary Examining Authority (ISA/IPEA), Boudhik Sampada Bhawan
Plot No. 32, Sector 14, Dwarka, New Delhi
Start-up/Alumni Expert
1.        Mr. Harshal Sanghvi, Startup Expert
Founder EssenceTech, D/602 Shreeji Towers Opp. Himalaya Mall, Drive In Road, Ahmedabad
2.        Mr. Anil Kumar Yadav, Alumni Expert
General Manager, Reserve Bank of India Chandigarh
Expert from Nearby Industry/Industry Association/Ecosystem Enablers
1.        Dr. S. B. Dangayach, Founder Trustee Innovative Thought Forum and Former Managing Director, Syntex Industries Ltd.
2.        Dr. Sujata Chaklanovis, Scientist-G and Head, Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Ministry of Science and Technology Delhi
FI/Bank/Investor/Angel Investor/ Venture Capitalist
Mr. Ajay Kumar Kapur
Former Deputy Managing Director, SIDBI
Incubation Centre
1.        Mr. Satvinder Singh, Managing Director
NITCON Ltd., 603, 6th Floor, Kailash Building
K. G. Marg, Connaught Place, New Delhi
2.        Mr. Mahendra Gupta, Head
Technology Business Incubator
ABES Engineering College, Ghaziabad, UP
Student Representation
Innovation Coordinator
Mr. Kailash Kumar, PGCIATIVI
Start-up Coordinator
Mr. Vyavahare Pankaj Nivrittinath, MAPC
Internship Coordinator
Mr. Subham Seal, DNHE
IPR Coordinator
Mr. Nandu Surendran S., BSC
Social Media Coordinator
Mr. Chandan Kumar, MAPC
General Members
1.        Mr. Akhil S., BCA
2.        Mr. Bhargav Raviya, BCA
3.        Ms. Neena Sharma, MP
4.        Mr. Aakarshan Agrawal, BA
5.        Ms. Iqra Akhlaq, CIHL
6.        Ms. Kamlesh, BSW
7.        Ms. Pragathe M., MP
8.        Mr. Nibin K. Roy, MPS
9.        Er. Jagtar Singh Mallie, PGDOM
10.     Ms. Pragya Pallavi, MPS
11.     Mr. Chirag Rehlan, MEC
12.     Mr. Om Bhai Patel, BCA
13.     Mr. Pradeep Kumar Singh, CNM
14.     Ms. Sheetal Thapa, PHDVA
15.     Ms. Ankita Acharya, CHR
The objective, major activities and benefits of the Council are as follows:
To build and streamline innovation and start-up ecosystem at the institutional level.
1.       To conduct various innovation and entrepreneurship-related activities prescribed by MIC in time bounded fashion.
2.       Identify and reward innovations and share success stories.
3.       Organize periodic Workshops/Seminars/Interactions with Entrepreneurs, Investors, Professionals and create a mentor pool for Student Innovators.
4.       Organize Hackathons, Idea Competition, Mini-Challenges, etc. with the involvement of industries.
1.       Students/Faculty associated with IIC will get exclusive opportunity to participate in various Innovation related initiatives and competitions organized by MHRD.
2.       Opportunity to nurture and prototype new ideas.
3.       Mentoring by Industry Professionals.
Report of Activities of IIC
The activities of IIC are of three major types as follows:
  1. IIC Calendar Activities: MoE’s Innovation Cell (MIC) prescribes an annual activity calendar for IICs. In each quarter a minimum 3 activities out of scheduled activities are to be completed by an IIC to receive full score.
  2. MIC Driven Activities: MIC schedules various activities from time to time on its own or in collaboration with partner organization and government departments. All MIC Driven Activities are mandatory.  
  3. Self-Driven Activities: IICs are encouraged to plan their own activities apart from IIC calendar for promoting entrepreneurship and innovation in their campuses.
Activities of IIC in 2020-2021
In the academic year 2020-2021, the IIC, IGNOU organized several activities, in addition to the council meetings, such as the IIC calendar activities of My Story by Innovators students and Entrepreneurs. It also organized MIC driven activities, such as KAPILA Week and Orientation on  Indian Knowledge System. For more information click here. 
Activities of IIC in 2019-2020
In the academic year 2019-2020, the IIC, IGNOU organised several activities to foster innovation among the students and faculty. Several activities including “Innovation Day”, workshops, storytelling events, and exhibitions of proof of concepts of innovations by students were organized.  The IIC also organized the National Innovation Contest 2020 and selected 18 students, out of which 12 students were nominated in the Idea category, three students were nominated to the Proof of Concept category and three students were nominated in the Prototype Category in the MIC Portal. For more information click here.
Activities of IIC in 2018-2019
In the academic year 2018-2019, the IIC, IGNOU organized several workshops on design thinking, cognitive skills, business proposal writing and IPR. The Council also organized an event named Festival of Innovations in which an Idea Competition was held. The IIC also screened for the faculty and students several Leadership Talks that were orgnanised by the MIC. The IIC also organized the National Innovation Contest 2019 and selected four students who were nominated to participate in the Regional Level Competition organized by the MIC. For more information click here.



Brief Report of Activities of IIC
The IIC has undertaken the following activities :
Workshop on “Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) (December 13, 2018)
A workshop on Intellectual Property Rights was organized under the Institution’s Innovation Council for the teachers and students of IGNOU. This effort is expected to generate awareness among the participants about the various aspects of IPR and sensitize them about the role of IPR in innovation and invention. For more details Click here
Workshop on “Cognitive Skills, Design Thinking and Critical Thinking” (January 17, 2019)
A workshop on Cognitive Skills, Design Thinking and Critical Thinking was organized under the Institution’s Innovation Council for the teachers and students of IGNOU. This effort is expected to sensitize the participants about cognitive skills, design thinking process and critical thinking in general, and education in particular. This workshop also discusses how to improve cognitive skills, metacognitive skills and critical thinking. It explains cognitive skills, design thinking process and critical thinking through individual and group activities. For more details Click here
Festival of Ideas (February 28 – March 01, 2019)
A Festival of Ideas was organized with the objectives to recognize, share, nurture and promote the ideas of the students of IGNOU. In the Festival, an idea competition was organized on February 28, 2018 to evaluate the ideas, proof of concept and prototypes. In this competition, an exhibition of ideas was organized through posters and oral presentation. A workshop on Business Plan Development was organized for all the selected students on March 01, 2019. The workshop was aimed to impart knowledge and skills related to Intellectual Property Rights, Design thinking, and Business Plan Development and facilitate them to convert their ideas into innovative products and services. For more details Click here


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