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Thrust Areas of NCIDE
Updated on 10 Jan, 2022

  • Development of Innovative Learning Solutions
    One of the thrust areas of NCIDE is to promote and develop innovative learning solutions for open and distance learning system on issues related to access, quality and equity. NCIDE also focuses on development of ICT enabled solutions for effective and learner friendly instructional systems including e-learning, multimedia learning, mobile learning and other web based learning. Besides, certain need based Certificate/Diploma/PG Diploma programmes in the new and emerging areas can also be developed by the NCIDE.
  • Development of Innovative Support Solutions
    An important area of activity is to develop ICT applications for University management system, ICT enabled support services, including online and on-demand admission and examinations, mobilets, and other information on mobile or other hand-held devices. A virtual environment will also be created for providing learning and other support services to the distance learners.
  • Research and Benchmarking for Quality Management
    For exploring the areas of innovations and to find out the suitable, cost effective and feasible solutions, the NCIDE takes up research studies. The broad areas of research and development as identified by NCIDE include :
  1. Identification of the quality indicators, quality assurance mechanism and benchmarking, for quality management of the programmes in ODL system.
  2. Development of guidelines, mechanism and modalities for convergence of different systems of seamless access, such as credit transfer, choice based learning, etc.
  • Documentation and Dissemination
    In order to facilitate easy reference by scholars, policy makers and other stakeholders, the NCIDE documents, studies and disseminates the policies and practices on innovations in distance education in the entire ODL system in the country and abroad. The reports of the research studies, seminars, conferences, etc. are documented. A digital repository of the innovations and research studies in the field of ODL will be created.
  • Capacity Development
    Focusing on the emerging areas and technology in education, the NCIDE is developing short term training packages and organizing capacity building programs for the ODL functionaries and others. It also prepares manuals and hand outs for the use of upcoming technologies for imparting effective distance education.
  • Collaboration and Networking
    In order to share the ideas and experiences in the field of innovations in ODL, the NCIDE organizes National/International seminars, conferences and workshops on innovations in Distance Education. NCIDE also hosts a highly interactive Virtual Environment, where budding innovators, researchers and experts can come together to discuss, design and develop live projects in a simulated environment.
  • Incubation and Nurturing Innovations
    Another thrust area of NCIDE is the identification, recognition and nurturing of innovations in Distance Education. For this purpose, the NCIDE provides technological, financial and intellectual assistance to individuals, institutes and organizations desirous of integrating technology into their research and educational instructions. In order to promote and recognize the innovators, the NCIDE has instituted a Gold Medal Award for Innovation in Distance Education for the faculty of the ODL System in India and Student Innovation Award for students of IGNOU, which are awarded every year. NCIDE encourages faculty and students to generate new ideas and come out with innovative solutions for various types of problems and incubates the same.


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[Updated on 06-Dec-2022]