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The Electronic Media Production Centre (EMPC) has emerged as a major hub for the use of electronic media in distance education. Housed in the Sanchar Kendra Complex at Maidan Garhi campus in New Delhi, it serves as a Nodal Resource Centre in production, dissemination and transmission of educational software in the country, utilising a wide range of communication media. The facilities are being shared with various educational and training institutions, State Open Universities, Central and State Govt Ministries/Departments, NGOs, corporate bodies and other sectors.

The major activities undertaken by the Centre are the production and dissemination of educational audio-video programmes. Curriculum-based audio-video programmes are developed to supplement the courseware of IGNOU by a trained and skilled in-house staff, using state-of-the-art facilities. In addition, freelance filmmakers have been empanelled and suitable programmes are also sourced from agencies such as UKOU, Transtel DW TV and RCI, etc.

Both broadcast and non-broadcast modes of delivery are adopted. The cassettes/CDs are sent to RCs/SCs and are also sold at reasonable rates through the Marketing Unit of the EMPC.