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Updated on 12 Sep, 2019

National Centre for Disability Studies was established to cater to the educational, vocational and rehabilitation needs of persons with disabilities through a wide range of activities. Since Disability Studies focus and emphasize upon rights based approach instead of charity based, research becomes the essential component for creating a rights based society for persons with disabilities. What is more important is creating an environment for independent living for persons with disabilities rather than giving them charity to lead their lives. NCDS being a nodal educational centre of IGNOU for persons with disabilities, it has a bigger role to play for ensuring mainstreaming and equal participation of persons with disabilities in the society.
  1. To develop innovative approaches and policies for education, training and rehabilitation of persons with disabilities;
  2. To conduct research and development activities for educational and vocational development of persons with disabilities;
  3. To collaborate and co-ordinate with national as well as international agencies/organizations/institutions and concerned departments of Central and State Governments for support in implementation of their plans and schemes related to persons with disabilities;
  4. To identify and develop innovative academic activities as may be useful for implementing the provisions of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016;
  5. To develop a network of academics and professionals to work in close agreement of cohesive environment of overall development of persons with disabilities.


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