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Updated on 22 Sep, 2016


The Research Unit of IGNOU was established in October 2008. It is the nodal unit for managing all research related activities and running the Research Degree Programmes of the University. It operates under the overall guidance of the Academic Council. The Research Degree Programmes today have an enrolment figure exceeding 800 scholars registered in 49 Research Disciplines.

With initial focus on Distance Education and related areas, the ambit of research work in the University has been expanded to include both theoretical and empirical research in various academic disciplines and interdisciplinary areas. A Research Policy has been enunciated to guide the future of research in the University.

The University has also initiated RTA scheme that is being coordinated by the Research Unit. The Research and Teaching Assistantship ( RTA) Scheme provides an opportunity for a young person not only to engage in research leading to PhD degree but to also acquire competency in teaching, evaluation, teleconferencing , participation in the corporate life of the University and such other enriching experiences on the campus. Quite a few scholars enrolled in the Scheme in the first batch are on the verge of completing their research.

The Research Unit has also activated the IGNOU-Research Fellowship scheme under which 100 fellowships @ Rs.5000 per month are to be awarded to researchers working on full-time basis at IGNOU. Students are selected for the Award of Fellowship under this Scheme through rigorous criteria.

The Research Unit has also formulated consolidated Guidelines for Ph.D. program and for M.Phil. program covering aspects related to admission, course work, research supervision and evaluation procedures. To enhance and ensure greater participation in the open defense of the thesis submitted by a scholar, a notional communication is being facilitated by the Research Unit.


Schedule for interview and presentation of shortlisted candidates for admission to Ph.D-Computer Science, January 2013 cycle.

Question Paper pattern for Ph.D. (Computer Science) Entrance Test

The IGNOU website under the link of Research Degree Programmes provides regular updates on the activities of the Research Unit.

It is envisaged that the Research Programs of the University should go beyond the award of research degrees to lend support to research on issues of importance to society. This could take the form of encouraging research through arranging financial support to fund major / minor projects to be undertaken by the faculty. Guidelines for granting funds for major / minor research are under preparation.

School of Education Advises all Candidates to Prepare for Entrance Exam According to The Attached Syllabus

Short Listed Candidates From Entrance Examination For Interview In The Discipline Of Political Science