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Updated on 13 Jun, 2023

Certificate in Condition Monitoring (CCOMO)

Minimum Duration: 6 Months
Maximum Duration: 2 Years
Course Fee: Rs. 9,300
Minimum Age: No bar
Maximum Age: No bar


 B Tech Mech/Aero/Civil and BSc Physics and Maths

Medium of Instruction: English
Study Material: Study Material will be provided only in Digital Form

The certificate in Condition monitoring (CM) program provides in-depth knowledge of condition monitoring which is the process of monitoring a particular condition in machinery (such as vibration, temperature, etc) to identify changes that could indicate a developing fault. The uniqueness of CM is that it can detect fault before any major failure occurs in a structure. Its a major part of predictive maintenance. Focus of the program is to equip the learners with the basic knowledge of courses ranging from mechanics of materials and mechatronics to material science and condition monitoring. With the development and employment of smart materials which include miniature and cheaper materials, the research in the field of condition monitoring is growing at a rapid pace and professionals with the domain knowledge are in high demand at industry and academia. The program shall be of 16 credits.
SOET offers Certificate in Condition Monitoring (CCOMO) with the following broad objectives:
·         Programme aims to develop skilled human resources in the field of condition monitoring at the Local, Regional and National levels.
·         It seeks to build competencies and professional skills to avail enhanced employment opportunities in organizations.
·         It aims to upgrade the knowledge and skills of those working in an organization without a formal training.


Programme Coordinator:
Dr. Shashank Srivastava
Email: ssrivastav@ignou.ac.in
Tel. No.- 011-29572920


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