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B.Sc.(AppliedScience-Energy) (BSCAEY)

Minimum Duration: 3 Years
Maximum Duration: 6 Years
Course Fee: Rs. 21,600
Minimum Age: No bar
Maximum Age: No bar


10+2with Mathematics and Science

The applications of Applied Science in the field of energy is changing the energy industry fast, creating a more diverse sector with huge opportunities for new technologies, new businesses and new ideas. As the world is confronted between twin crisis of fossil fuel depletion and environmental degradation from Decades, it becomes very essential to identify new and renewable energy resources and related appropriate technologies as an alternative to the fossil fuels. It has become the global challenge to develop renewable energy resources along with the efficient, economical and environment friendly conversion process. To overcome this twin crisis the energy conservation is equally important. Keeping this in view the B.Sc.(AppliedScience–Energy) has been designed and developed. It provides in-depth knowledge of all major energy sources along with the conversion process and their applications and gives the opportunity to specialize in various areas along with adequate knowledge and skills in the area of Statistics and Mathematics.
Detailed expertise will be offered in industrial and applied statistics as well as Thermal Energy Systems, Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Biomass, Geothermal, Tidal and Wave energy, Hydrogen & Fuel cells etc along with the energy conversion and conservation techniques.
This 120 credits multidisciplinary program will be modular in nature with exit options as Certificate, Diploma and Degree in the relevant areas along with Major in Energy and Minor in Statistics after completion of different requisite number of credits in specified courses.

To impart basic education in various fields of applied sciences to make a pathway to industries and higher professional education

(i) To form a sound base of learners in applied sciences which cut across various industries and vocations such as applied mathematics, statistics, applied physics, energy, system methods, operations research, computing methods etc.
(ii) To learn the analytical techniques to be applied in various field problems and situations.
(iii) To develop several professional knowledge and skills using scientific tools for computing, analyzing and presenting.

The B.Sc.programme in Applied Science-Energy aims to equip learners with relevant knowledge and skill in major areas of applied science.

(i) Energy
(ii) Statistics and Operations Research

The focus of the courses are to impart knowledge and skills in respective fields for analyzing, testing and interpreting major traits of the significant and substantial elements

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[Updated on 11-Jul-2024]