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Updated on 08 Jan, 2024

The SOJNMS undertakes a multimedia approach incorporating innovative technologies for teaching-learning process. These include printed self learning materials (SLMs), audio-video materials, telecasts, broadcasts, teleconferencing, Interactive Radio Conferencing (IRC) and contact classes.

While designing SLMs, the School follows an integrated curriculum design and development approach in which the curriculum is made user friendly and supportive to learning needs in all the three domains – cognitive, affective and psychomotor. The goals of programmes, objectives and learning outcomes of each course and unit/lecture are clearly delineated. Consultations involving subject experts, academics, professionals, instructional designers, content and language editors are held in a team mode.

Teleconferencing and IRC sessions are organised every month in which students get an opportunity to interact with the resource persons/experts by phone-in facility, email or fax to participate in these sessions and clear their doubts in real time.

Audio and video programmes for each course have been produced to support learning for the students. The use of variety of delivery systems provides more choices to suit the varied learning needs and also lower the cost and make the materials more equitable to learners.

The practical component of the school's programmes like PGDAPP & CCR are being addressed by taking the active support and help from EMPC. Student are required to take classes/demonstrations and then do hands on practicals in the form of small individual and group exercises.



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[Updated on 20-Jul-2024]