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Updated on 24 Oct, 2019

Since its establishment in 1985, IGNOU has been a front runner in identifying the need of suitable educational programmes for the benefit of the variety of demands of the immense learner community.  The 'People's University' follows a learner-centric approach and has successfully adopted a policy of openness and flexibility of time taken for completion of programme and place of study hence accordingly is contributing significantly in designing and delivering variety of programmes for higher education in the Country through its schools of Studies at New Delhi having a philosophy of Open and Distance Learning (ODL) mode.

There had been a long felt need to develop the programmes of co-scholastic nature hence the School of Performing and Visual Arts was established in IGNOU by exercising powers vested, under the provisions of section 25(2) of the IGNOU Act, 1985 (No. 50 of 1985), the Board of Management of the University, at its 90th meeting held on 22.05.2007 duly amended/additions to Clause (10 (21) of Statute 10 A of the IGNOU Act concerning the School of Studies. The establishment of School of Performing and Visual Arts has the approval of the President of India in the capacity as Visitor, as conveyed under the Ministry of Human Resource Development letter No. F. 5-45/2007-DL dated 28.09.2007.


Vision Statement:

The School of Performing and Visual Arts is functional at the University headquarters since February 2009 with a vision to provide higher education opportunities in the Performing and Visual Arts through open & distance learning mode of education.  Within the above context, the School of Performing and Visual Arts is visualized as a location that intents to implement a new vision of art pedagogy and practices in the Country. It aims at being constituted by the principle of creative expression, processes, practices and disciplines, including historical, theoretical and critical engagements. The idea is to focus on areas of knowledge and professional specializations and is imagined as a breeding ground for the development of classical and newer art practices and theoretical insights in the direction of finding paradigms in performing and visual art forms with greater amalgamation between theory, practice and research on one hand, and interdisciplinary approach between various arts on the other.



The present philosophy of all-round development of knowledge in Visual and Performing Art education have not been able to carve out a distinguish place of their own. The need of the hour is that the creative expressions should get importance at par with theoretical and practical dimensions of the discipline with integration at under graduate and post graduate level, and more than that, possibilities of research, leading to the degrees of Ph. D and D. Litt. is to be explored through ODL.


While keeping in view the possible inclusion of a larger or the total range of artistic medium and forms within the School of Performing and Visual Arts curriculum, it had been envisaged that the School would primarily organize itself around two major streams of artistic practice; performing arts and visual arts, with further allied specializations. These are:

1)       Performing – Music, Dance and Theatre etc.

2)       Visual – Drawing, Painting, Applied Art, Sculpture, Visual Communication and Design etc.

The course structures of each of the streams and specializations would be designed keeping in view the composite and generic focus of the School, which would facilitate conceptual commonalities to interactively and creatively coexist between the various disciplines and streams of specialization.



·         To promote all forms of arts at higher education to unfold the aesthetic and creative potentialities of learner enabling them to become a contributing professional. 

·         To promote aesthetics as a learning process in professional and academic arena.

·         To inculcate creativity through diverse range of creative activities and modes of expression.

·         To engage in praxis and theory through latest and modern pedagogical tools that reach out to the distant learner in the Open and Distance Learning system 

·         To nurture traditional and contemporary art practices in areas of the Visual and Performing Arts and provide grounds for critical research  



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