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Admissions to the 4-year Integrated Teacher Education Programme (ITEP)

13 September, 2023
Admissions for the 4-Year Integrated Teacher Education Programme (ITEP), including B.A. B.Ed., B.Sc. B.Ed., and B.Com. B.Ed., offered by the School of Education, IGNOU, will be opening shortly. For the latest updates on ITEP admissions, please visit the official IGNOU website. Admission notification details will be posted on IGNOU website in the near future.
For any queries or assistance, please feel free to contact:
Prof. Arbind Kumar Jha
Email- akjha@ignou.ac.in, Phone: 011-2957 2937

Dr. Ajay Kumar Singh
Email- ajays@ignou.ac.in, Phone: 011- 2957 2954

Dr. Banwaree Lal Meena
Email- blalmeena@ignou.ac.in, Phone: 011-2957 2954

Dr. Neel Kamal Sharan
Email- neelkamalsharan@ignou.ac.in, Phone: 011-2957 2999

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