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The Indira Gandhi National Open University is committed to equity and social justice. The University ensures that its students must receive quality higher education without any discrimination. The University has established its Regional and Study Centres in all parts of the country to provide effective student support services keeping in mind the most disadvantaged and most remotely located students. To ensure that the students do not face any discrimination in the University. The IGNOU has appointed Anti Discrimination Officer in accordance with UGC (Promotion of Equity in Higher Education Institutions) Regulations, 2012.

The Officer will look into any distinction, exclusion, limitation or preference which has the purpose or effect of nullifying or impairing equality of treatment in education and in particular-

  1. of depriving a student or a group of students on the basis of caste, creed, religion, language, ethnicity, gender, disability of access to education of any type or at any level;
  2. of imposing conditions or any student or group of students which are incompatible with the dignity of human; and
  3. of subjecting to the provision of establishing or maintain separate educational systems or institutions for students or groups of students based on caste, creed, religion, language, ethnicity, gender and disabilities.

The University is committed to provide:

  • a) Safeguard the interests of the students without any prejudice to their caste, creed, religion, language, ethnicity, gender and disability.
  • b) Eliminate discrimination against or harassment of any student in all forms of higher educational institutions by prohibiting it and by providing for preventive and protective measures to facilitate its eradication and punishments for those who indulge in any form of discrimination or harassment.
  • c) Promote equality among students of all sections of the society.

The officer will work under the framework of UGC (Promotion of Equity in Higher Education Institutions) Regulations, 2012 (please check the regulation on Click here for more details

Any student or their parents/guardians who wants to bring to the notice of University any act of discrimination faced by them should write their complaints to the Anti Discriminatory Officer. It may be noted that:

  • A complaint about the discrimination or harassment as defined in these regulations may be made in writing by a student or a parent of a student irrespective or whether the discrimination or harassment is alleged to have taken place within or outside the higher educational institution.
  • The complaint shall include sufficient details of the alleged act of discrimination or harassment.


The complaint can be made to:

Dr. Bharat Bhushan,
Anti Discrimination Officer,
Student Service Centre,
IGNOU Main Campus,
Maidan Garhi,
New Delhi - 110068
Contact No : 011-29572505, 011-29535714
Email : bbhushan@ignou.ac.in




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[Updated on 23-Jul-2024]