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Credit Transfer Scheme
Updated on 27 Mar, 2023

Internal Credit Transfer Scheme

  1. Internal credit transfer from MP,MPB,PGDFMP,PGDMM,PGDHRM,PGDOM PGDFMP to MBF  24.3.23
  2. Internal credit transfer from MP,MPB,PGDFMP,PGDMM, PGDHRM, PGDOM, PGDFMP to MBAMM, MBAHM, MBAFM, MBAOM, MBAOL    24.3.23
  3. Internal credit transfer from MP,MPB,PGDFMP,PGDMM, PGDHRM, PGDOM, PGDFMP to PGDIHRM, PGDIFM, PGDIOM, PGDIMM      24.3.23
  4. Policy for transfer for credits from Old BDP courses to CBCS-based Bachelor Degree Programmes
  5. Internal Credit Transfer from MCA (Rev. sylb) (3yrs duration) to MCA_NEW (2yrs duration) Syllabus 
  6. Credit Transfer forms of PGDCA to PGDCA New Syllabus

  7. Credit Transfer Scheme and Proforma in Master Degree
  8. Credit Transfer Scheme BCA(rev-syllb) to BCA (rev-syllb)
  9. Credit Transfer from BCA (Pre-revised syllabus) to BCA (Revised Syllabus) 
  10. Credit Transfer from MCA(pre-rev.) to MCA (revised sylb.)
  11. Credit Transfer from MCA(revised sylb.) to MCA (revised sylb.)
  12. Credit Transfer from PGDIBO to M.Com 2nd yr
  13. Credit Transfer from PGDSW to MSW 2nd yr
  14. Credit transfer and proforma PGDRD to MARD
  15. Internal Credit transfer proforma Management Programmes
  16. Internal Credit transfer proforma MBA(Banking & Finance)
  17. Internal Credit Transfer Scheme BLIS (pre-revised sylb.) to BLIS (revised sylb.)
  18. Credit transfer scheme of ICAI, ICWAI and ICSI
  19. Proforma for Internal credit transfer for B.Com (A&F), B.Com(F&CA), B.Com(CA&A) to Normal B.Com (for IGNOU courses)
  20. Credit transfer form for PGDCFT to MSCCFT (2nd Yr.)
  21. Credit transfer form for PGDWGS to MAWGS (2nd Yr.)
  22. Proforma for Credit Tranfer from pre-revised to revised MCOM

 External Credit Transfer Scheme

  1. External credit transfer from ICAI (ICWAI) to MBA,MBAOL. MBAFM, MBAHR, MBAOM, MBAMM, MBF   24.3.23
  2. External Credit Transfer Scheme for BA/B.Com/B.Sc.
  3. External Credit Transfer Scheme for BCA/MCA
  4. Proforma for external credit transfer schedme for B.Com (A&F), B.Com (F&CA), B.Com (CA&A) to Normal B.Com
  5. Proforma for transfer of External Credits from ICAI (ICWAI) to  BCOM and MCOM


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[Updated on 01-Apr-2023]