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Updated on 03 Aug, 2024

Gyan Vani (GV) FM Radio was conceived in 2001 as a network of educational FM Radio Channels operating from various cities in the country. With an aim to enhance and supplement the teaching-learning process, each GV Station has a range of about 60 kms and covers an entire city/town including the adjoining rural areas. Gyan Vani serves as an ideal medium for niche audience addressing the local educational, developmental and socio-cultural requirements of the people. The flavor of the channel is by and large local and the medium is English, Hindi or language of the region. The overall content pertains to Primary and Secondary Education, Adult Education, Technical and Vocational Education, Higher Education, Distance Education and Extension Education etc. Interactive Radio Counseling (IRC) facility is being provided by GV Stations to enable students to interact with the faculty, academic counselors and student support staff. The live phone-in programmes are popular components of the network. The programmes broadcast through each stations include both pre-recorded and live content.


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[Updated on 25-Jun-2024]