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Updated on 09 Sep, 2019

A University has two important components: The student and the teacher, in that order. The intellectual interaction between these two makes an academic institution. And to make this interaction possible, a third component is required. And that component is administrative support. The role of administration, thus, has to be understood in the above perspective.

Statutory Bodies

The University is an academic institution; the primary function of Administration in a University system is to provide support to the academic activities of the University. The University combines within it the legislative, executive and to some extent quasi-judicial functions. The processes involved in the legislation and decision making are carried out through the different statuatory authorities.


The processes involved in formulating proposals for consideration of these bodies, organising their legislation and implementing the decisions taken by these bodies form the core responsibility of Administration. The other major responsibility is to provide support to all functional and operational Divisions, including Schools of Studies, by providing the required manpower as also other necessary infrastructure facilities. In effect, Administration functions as a facilitating mechanism so that the University can adequately meet the objects as set out in the Act and Statutes.

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[Updated on 17-May-2024]