25 July, 2016
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         Academic programmes on offer 2016-2017      
Updated on 17 Jun, 2016

The Student Registration Division, one of the operational Divisions of the University, is responsible for monitoring of registration of students for different programmes offered by the University, „On-line admission? and assessing equivalence of degrees. The Division has been successfully and effectively maintaining the database of approximately 3 million active students on roll of the University.

The preparations for admission of students to various programmes of the University, start much before the commencement of the session, that is, with the finalisation of Prospectus and release of admission notification in the leading newspapers throughout the country during the months of April and May, followed by a repeat in August and September each year. The admissions are made in programmes of the University subject to fulfillment of minimum eligibility. However, eligibility is decided through Entrance Tests for admission to certain programmes, viz. Management Programmes, Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.), B.Sc(N) post basic etc. 

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