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Updated on 21 Jun, 2023

Post Graduate Diploma in Population and Family Health Studies (PGDPFHS)

Minimum Duration: 1 Year
Maximum Duration: 3 Years
Course Fee: Rs. 5,800
Minimum Age: No bar
Maximum Age: No bar


Graduation in any discipline

Population of any country is the main resource for development in all the sectors and now, India become most populous country in the world in April 2023 over to China. India’s population is increasing with decreasing rate and increasing population is raising multiple questions from many directions. These questions are related to clean space for living, food and nutritional securities, education for all, safe drinking water, Health care and Health centres, Educational institutions, environmental studies, etc. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) could not be achieved until unless solve these questions and get suitable answer from the society and governance. Population growth rate and rural to urban migration rate is increasing year by year and in this scenario, health care of population in general and family health in particular is very challenging task for the government and policy makers. It is the study of human population empirical, critical, systematic, statistical and mathematical way, to know the reproductive change of population (Fertility and Mortality) and to know the socio-economic change of the population (through Migration) in a particular geographic area. Planned population growth shows positive changes in the society while unplanned population growth affects negatively not only physical resources and natural resources but human resources too. These trio resources are affecting by the population growth and public health. All the policy makers and development agents should know the demographic trends, population pattern, population distribution and population structure of the society which led effective population policy and health policy. Without knowing population trends and patterns any development programmes would not be success. Thus, learners would be best human resource after completion of this programme in research and development (R&D) sector.
Programme Objectives
i)   to enhance knowledge of the learners on population dynamics and its related issues and challenges.
ii)  to increase the knowledge of learners on migration, health, nutrition, safe drinking water and sanitation.

iii) to increase knowledge and capacities of learner to conduct research and studies on various aspects of population and family health care related issues and challenges.


Who Can Take Admission?
1)The persons holding at least a Bachelor’s Degree and intending to pursue demography, human geography, Population studies, Health studies, Urbanization and Migration, and Development as an area of study or specialization or career (Pre-Service);
2) The persons holding at least a Bachelor’s Degree and working in any sector (In-service), including those employed or involved in the field of Demography, Population and Development Studies such as:
·         Health Extension Officer, Health Educator, Nursing, Scholar of Demography, Development professional, agricultural professional, urban planner and labour market.
·         Employees of the Institutes/NGOs, Private or Corporate sectors working in various Population, Research and Development Sectors.
·         Programme Officers, Project Officers, Research Investigators, and Research Assistants dealing with Population, Research and Development in various International and National Organizations.
Programme Details:
Course Codes
Title of the Course
Course Credits
Introduction to Population Studies
Population Theories, Policies and Programme
Social Groups and Family Health
Population and Development: Issues and Challenges
Research Methodology in Population and Family Health Studies
Note: Only softcopy of study material will be provided to the learner in the July 2023 session.
Programme Coordinators:
Dr. Sarda Prasad, sardaprasad@ignou.ac.in

Dr Grace Don Nemching; gdnemching@ignou.ac.in

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