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Functions and Activities
Updated on 20 Sep, 2019

General Planning

  • Preparation of Strategic Plans which include Five-Year Plans of the University.
  • Preparation and coordination of EFC for consideration of MHRD.
  • University Review.
  • Performance Audit of the University in coordination with MHRD and CAG.
  • Mid-term appraisal of Plans.
  • Annual Plans and Annual Action Plan of the University.
  • Special Component Plan (SCP) and Tribal Sub Plan (TSP) Plans.
  • Performance Audit and coordination with Audit party and Ministry (MHRD).
  • Need assessment and survey for new programmes.
  • Preparation of research reports, survey reports, brochures, manuals or any other report for policy analysis like manpower planning, Phase forms, impact studies etc.
  • Annual Report preparation for the University and placing before the Board of Management.

Development of Strategies and Formulation of action plans for the University

  • Processing of new programme proposals from Schools / Units for approval of Academic programme Committee (APC) and the Planning Board.
  • Assisting, coordinating the University Review Committees appointed by the Planning Board and the Board of Management from time to time.
  • Strategic issues in programme identification and preparation of courses.

Costs and Funding

  • Programme Delivery Costs.
  • Cost Analysis of Programmes / activities.

Quality Assurance

  • Quality assessment of various programmes and services.
  • Development of performance indicators for academic activities.

Project Control Unit (a.k.a. Project Facilitation Unit)

  • Monitoring, processing and coordination for the externally funded projects.
  • Vetting and processing of MOUs and MOCs with outside institutions for academic activities.
  • Assigning Programme, Course codes and Colour scheme for new academic programmes.
  • Database related to academic programmes and activities for placing it before the Planning Board and publishing it in the Annual Report and Vice Chancellor’s Report of the University.
  • All India Survey on Higher Education (AISHE).

Programme Evaluation and Feedback Studies

  • Review and evaluation of academic programmes.
  • Programme evaluation and impact studies.
  • Feedback studies on programmes and support services.

Sharing of IGNOU Self Learning Instructional Materials

  • Create, review and operationalize the policy and procedure for sharing of IGNOU’s Self Learning Instructional Materials (SLIM) with SOUs and Dual Mode Institutions.

Research Studies and Data / Information Analysis

  • In order to strengthen the plans, policies, academic and support services of the University.
  • Research studies and data / information analysis in the areas of economics of education, manpower requirement analysis, quality control, need assessment and feedback studies.

Database & Management Information system

  • Maintain database and Management Information System of policy decision support. The requisite data along with its analysis and information is provided to internal / external authorities.