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Updated on 09 May, 2014

The Regional Services Division (RSD) was established in February 1986 to operationalise the Regional Centres, Study Centres and Student Support Services of the University across the length and breadth of the country.

Functions of Regional Services Division

The responsibilities and functions assigned to the RSD are as follows:
a.Develop policies, systems and procedures in respect of establishment and management of Regional Centres and Study Centres
b.Organise and administer the national network of Regional Centres and Study Centres
c.Negotiate with Government Departments, educational institutions, other organisations including voluntary organisations for establishment of new Regional Centres and Study Centres
d.Identify and appoint suitable persons as Academic Counsellors for counselling, practicals and evaluation of assignments
e.Organise orientation programmes for part-time functionaries of Study Centres
f.Funding and expenditure control of Regional Centres and Study Centres

Student Support Services Network

On the recommendations of the Task Force on Student Support Services (SSS), the University has established a centralised Student Services Centre (SSC) near the main entrance in the IGNOU Campus. The Centre is entrusted with the responsibility of redressing student grievances on a single window basis. It has LAN connectivity, and online data are available from all the Operational Divisions of the University. The SSC uses cards of three different colours meant for RSD, MPDD and SRED, which are issued to the aggrieved students for immediate solution in the respective Division at the headquarters.