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Minutes of BOM
Updated on 10 Feb, 2020

Minutes of Board of Management Meetings
19th Minutes Part-I
19th Minutes Part-II
19th Minutes Part-III
19th Minutes Part-IV
19th Minutes Part-V
19th Minutes Part-VI
22nd Minutes part-I
22nd Minutes part-II
23rd Minutes part-I
23rd Minutes part-II
24th Minutes part-I
24th Minutes part-II
25th Minutes part-I
25th Minutes part-II
26th Minutes part-I
26th Minutes part-II
27th Minutes
28th Minutes part-I
28th Minutes part-II
28th Minutes part-III
29th Minutes part-I
29th Minutes part-II
30th Minutes part-I
30th Minutes part-II
30th Minutes part-III
31st Minutes Part-I
31st Minutes Part-II  
32nd Minutes Part-I
32nd Minutes Part-II
33rd Minutes Part-I
33rd Minutes Part-II
34th Minutes Part-I
34th Minutes Part-II
35th Minutes part-I
35th Minutes part-II
36th Minutes part-I
36th Minutes part-II
37th Minutes part-I
37th Minutes part-II
37th Minutes part-III
38th Minutes part-I
38th Minutes part-II
39th Minutes part-I
39th Minutes part-II
39th Minutes part-III
40th Minutes part-I
40th Minutes part-II
41st Minutes 42nd Minutes part-I
42nd Minutes part-II
42nd Minutes part-III
43rd Minutes part-I
43rd Minutes part-II
44th Minutes part-I
44th Minutes part-II
45th Minutes part-I
45th Minutes part-II
46th Minutes part-I
46th Minutes part-II
47th Minutes part--I
47th Minutes part--II
48th Minutes part-I
48th Minutes part-II
49th Minutes part-I
49th Minutes part-II
50th Minutes part-I
50th Minutes part-II
51st Minutes part-I
51st Minutes part-II
52nd Minutes part-I
52nd Minutes part-II
53rd Minutes 
54th Minutes part-I
54th Minutes part-II
55th Minutes part-I
55th Minutes part-II
56th Minutes part-I
56th Minutes part-II
56th Minutes part-III
57th Minutes
58th Minutes 59th Minutes 60th Minutes part-I
60th Minutes part-II
60th Minutes part-III
61st Minutes part-I
61st Minutes part-II
62nd Minutes 63rd Minutes part-I
63rd Minutes part-II
64th Minutes Part-I
64th Minutes Part-II
64th Minutes Part-III
65th Minutes Part-I
65th Minutes Part-II
66th Minutes Part-I
66th Minutes Part-II
66th Minutes Part-III
67th Minutes 68th Minutes Part-I
68th Minutes Part-II
69th Minutes Part-I
69th Minutes Part-II
69th Minutes Part-III
70th Minutes Part-I
70th Minutes Part-II
70th Minutes Part-III
71st Minutes Part-I
71st Minutes Part-II
71st Minutes Part-III
72nd Minutes Part-I
72nd Minutes Part-II
72nd Minutes Part-III
73rd Minutes Part-I
73rd Minutes Part-II
73rd Minutes Part-III
73rd Minutes Part-IV
74th Minutes Part-I
74th Minutes Part-II
74th Minutes Part-III
74th Minutes Part-IV
75th Minutes Part-I
75th Minutes Part-II
75th Minutes Part-III
76th Minutes Part-I
76th Minutes Part-II
76th Minutes Part-III
77th Minutes Part-I
77th Minutes Part-II
77th Minutes Part-III
78th Minutes Part-I
78th Minutes Part-II
78th Minutes Part-III
79th Minutes Part-I
79th Minutes Part-II
79th Minutes Part-III
80th Minutes Part-I
80th Minutes Part-II
81st Minutes Part-I
81st Minutes Part-II
81st Minutes Part-III
81st Minutes Part-IV
81st Minutes Part-V
81st Minutes Part-VI
82nd Minutes Part-I
82nd Minutes Part-II
82nd Minutes Part-III
82nd Minutes Part-IV
83rd Minutes Part-I
83rd Minutes Part-II
83rd Minutes Part-III
83rd Minutes Part-IV
83rd Minutes Part-V
83rd Minutes Part-VI
84th Minutes Part-I
84th Minutes Part-II
84th Minutes Part-III
84th Minutes Part-IV
84th Minutes Part-V
85th Minutes Part-I
85th Minutes Part-II
85th Minutes Part-III
85th Minutes Part-IV
85th Minutes Part-V
 86th Minutes Part-I
86th Minutes Part-II
86th Minutes Part-III
86th Minutes Part-IV
86th Minutes Part-V
 117th Minutes  118th Minutes  119th Minutes
 120th Minutes 121st Minutes || Appendix 122nd Minutes || Appendix 1 to 3
Appendix 4
123rd Minutes || Appendix 1 to 4  124th Minutes 125th Minutes
126th Minutes
 127th Minutes 128th Minutes
129th Minutes
 130th Minutes  131st Minutes
132nd Minutes
 133rd Minutes  134th Minutes
135th Minutes
 136th Minutes