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Updated on 17 Jan, 2019

In IGNOU where the students are geographically spread, it becomes imperative to set up the Innovation Clubs at the Regional Centres also. Therefore, an initiative has been taken to set up Innovation Clubs@RCs of IGNOU also.The basic objectives of the InnovationClub@RCs include generating awareness about creativity and innovations amongst the students in the respective region, identifying the grass-root level innovations by the faculty and the students of IGNOU, and creating a network of innovators and create a culture of innovation at the Regional Centres as well as at the study centres.
Innovation Clubs have been established at 18 Regional Centres. These are:
1.     Regional Centre Aligarh
2.     Regional Centre Bangalore
3.     Regional CentreBijapur
4.     Regional Centre Chennai
5.     Regional Centre Cochin
6.     Regional CentreDarbhanga
7.     Regional Centre Hyderabad
8.     Regional Centre Khanna
9.     Regional CentreLucknow
10. Regional Centre Madurai
11. Regional Centre Nagpur
12. Regional Centre Patna
13. Regional Centre Pune
14. Regional Centre Ranchi
15. Regional Centre Shimla
16. Regional Centre Trivandrum
17. Regional CentreVatakara
18. Regional Centre Vijayawada
The InnovationClub@RCshave been constituted with members from IGNOU students. InnovationClub@RCPune has the highest number of student members. The other members comprise the academics and staff of the Regional Centres, the Academic Counsellors and Programme Coordinators from the Study Centres, thus truly connecting with the grassroots.
The InnovationClub@RCs organise periodic brainstorming meetings and other creative activities.
  • Brainstorming sessions to generate ideas: InnovationClub@RCBijapur, InnovationClub@RCVatakara, InnovationClub@RCRanchi and InnovationClub@RCPatnaorganised brainstorming sessions in which many innovative ideas have been generated.
  • Presentation of innovative concepts: InnovationClub@RCHyderabadorganised a presentation and discussion where the core aspects of innovation, such as thought process, creativity, innovation, discovery and invention have been discussed. The use of technological innovations in learner support has been highlighted.
  • Social Innovation: InnovationClub@RCKhanna and InnovationClub@RCLucknow are involved in activities concerning social innovations, especially interventions for the elderly, Swacchata and reaching out to the deprived sections of the society.