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Updated on 01 Dec, 2023

In IGNOU where the students are geographically spread, it becomes imperative to set up the Innovation Clubs at the Regional Centres also. Therefore, an initiative has been taken to set up InnovationClubs@RCs of IGNOU also. The basic objectives of the InnovationClub@RCs include generating awareness about creativity and innovations amongst the students in the respective region, identifying the grass-root level innovations by the faculty and the students of IGNOU, and creating a network of innovators and create a culture of innovation at the Regional Centres as well as at the study centres.
So far Innovation Clubs have been established at the following 19 Regional Centres :
  1. InnovationClub@Aligarh
  2. InnovationClub@Bangalore
  3. InnovationClub@Bijapur
  4. InnovationClub@Bhopal
  5. InnovationClub@Chennai
  6. InnovationClub@Cochin
  7. InnovationClub@Darbhanga
  8. InnovationClub@Hyderabad
  9. InnovationClub@Khanna
  10. InnovationClub@Lucknow
  11. InnovationClub@Madurai
  12. InnovationClub@Nagpur
  13. InnovationClub@Patna
  14. InnovationClub@Pune
  15. InnovationClub@Ranchi
  16. InnovationClub@Shimla
  17. InnovationClub@Trivandrum
  18. InnovationClub@Vatakara
  19. InnovationClub@Vijayawada
The InnovationClub@RCs have been constituted with members from IGNOU students members comprise the academics and staff of the Regional Centres, the Academic Counsellors and Programme Coordinators from the Study Centres, thus truly connecting with the grassroots.
The InnovationClub@RCs organise periodic brainstorming meetings and other creative activities.
  • Innovations in the Regional Centres: As a result of setting up Innovation Clubs at the Regional Centres, the RCs are carrying out innovative initiatives regularly now.
InnovationClub@RC Vatakara
1.       E-portfolio for student support: The customized e-portfolio is used to provide enhanced students support services, up-to-date academic activities, digital study materials, vibrant media gallery, re-registration, alumni registration, and conducting need assessment for launching programmes in vernacular languages.
2.       Virtual queue: Using this application, the learners from far flung areas to fix an appointment with an official to the Regional Centre well in advance on his preferred subject matter. 
3.       Live classroom: The Regional Centre has set up a live class room on an experimental basis which will be opened to learners widely.
4.       MIS solution for RC & SC: This is a software under development that digitalises all the processes that happen in regional centres and study centres as well as between them. The modules of the solution include: data importing, class scheduling, attendance management module, assignment and project module, result module, notification module, leave management and finance module.
5.       Brainstorming sessions were organized in which many innovative ideas have been generated.
1.       Enrichment Sessions are organized that are related to enhancing the culture of innovation. These aim to enhance skills among the students.
2.       Brainstorming sessions were organized in which many innovative ideas have been generated.
1.       Inclusive Education for Prisoners through Gyan Vani Radio: This innovative method- “mediated-phone in radio counselling” - was adopted using the Gyan Vani Nagpur channel with an aim to provide “inclusive” educational facility for the student prisoners, without compromising the jail security issues, for the benefit of the jail inmates who are also IGNOU learners. Thus, the prisoners also get equal opportunity to civil students, thus offering an example of “inclusive education”. Whenever the programme is aired, while the teacher in studio talks, the student prisoners are provided an FM radio and they listen to the radio lesson. If they have a doubt or cannot understand the topic, they write their doubt/ point on a paper and give it to the IGNOU Jail Coordinator. The Jail Coordinator then immediately comes to the Jail Office and calls from the office phone to the Gyan Vani Studio and conveys the doubt/ point of clarification needed by the student prisoners. The teacher in the Gyan Vani Studio then clarifies the doubt and explains the point raised by the student. The student prisoners in the jail continue to listen to the question and the answer provided by the teacher on the FM radio.
2.       Brainstorming sessions were organized in which many innovative ideas have been generated.
Organized a presentation and discussion where the core aspects of innovation, such as thought process, creativity, innovation, discovery and invention have been discussed. The use of technological innovations in learner support has been highlighted.
Conducted activities related to social innovation, for example, interventions for the elderly.
Brainstorming sessions were organized and many innovative ideas have been generated in these sessions.
Carried out several activities related to Swacchata and reaching out to the deprived sections of the society.
Brainstorming sessions were organized in which innovative ideas have been put forth by the members of the club.
IGNOU Study Centre Dhamnod
This IGNOU Study Centre in Madhya Pradesh carried out an innovative initiative named “IGNOU Gram Choupal” as a new approach to involve tribal communities to integrate them into the mainstream. The main objectives are to:
▪          encourage the rural and tribal students to come forward with queries, seek information about IGNOU programs and thereby involve them in IGNOU’s academic programs,
▪          extend the benefits of free-ships meant for SC/ST communities, and
▪          inculcate a sense of confidence in the minds of tribal students about distance mode of education.
The staff of the study centre, Dhamnod regularly holds community meetings and sensitizes the prospective students about the IGNOU's academic programmes. The evening choupals are the most convenient places for the rural folks when they are relatively free from their livelihood commitments. The most important characteristics of such meetings are that they are organized with the active involvement of their community leaders. The local opinion leaders, community leaders and religious leaders are always present in such meetings. The idea of community sensitization through informal community gatherings in villages has evoked significant response for IGNOU programs.
Brainstorming sessions were organized in which innovative ideas have been put forward.


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[Updated on 26-Jan-2023]