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InnovationClub@PIs Overseas
Updated on 01 Dec, 2023

In IGNOU where the students are geographically spread, it becomes imperative to set up innovation clubs at the Study Centres of IGNOU including the International Partner Institutes (PI) also. As one of the activities of the InnovationClub@IGNOU, constitution of innovation clubs at the international Partner Institutes (InnovationClubs@PIs) of IGNOU have been initiated. 
The basic objectives of the InnovationClub@PIs are to :
  • generate awareness about creativity and innovations amongst the students in the respective region,
  • identify the grass-root innovations by the faculty members, staff members and the students of IGNOU in the Partner Institutes, and
  • create a network of innovators and create a culture of innovation at the Partner Institutes.

Towards this endeavor, an Innovation club at Partner Institute in Kathmandu, Nepal has been set up. The club has been named as IGNOU InnovationClub@ICA.

InnovationClub@ICA, Kathmandu, Nepal
The first meeting of innovation club was held on March 23, 2019 (Saturday) at ICA building which was chaired by Managing Director and Center Coordinator of ICA
Mr. Biswajit Mukherjee and co-chaired by Assistant Academic Director Ms. Padma K. C. During the first phase of membership drive, a total of 19 (Nineteen) learners registered in the club. A few learners attended the meeting physically while few attended through virtual platforms. Primarily, the basic objective and the activities that could be conducted as laid down by NCIDE were discussed. It was also agreed that various activities taken up by IGNOU InnovationClub@ICA would be focused in the Nepalese context. The meeting concluded with a decision that ICA would again initiate the second phase of membership drive using various promotional platforms and second meeting would be organized after a month.

On May 25, 2019 (Saturday) the club organized a Talk Program on “Artificial Intelligence – The Fear of Job Losses – Real or Imaginary?” at ICA premises. Learners, academic counsellors and staff members attended the program. For more information click here..

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[Updated on 01-Apr-2023]